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Careers at The Daily Iberian and Acadiana Lifestyle

The Daily Iberian can trace its roots back to 1893, when it published its first issue on February 9 of that year. S.P. Watts was its first editor and in that first issue wrote, "It will be our endeavor to give a faithful chronology of the daily happenings of the city of New Iberia, the land known as the Attakapas, and the general news of the whole country."

In the first issues that February, Watts wrote several editorials about the need to improve roads in the area around New Iberia, "...on the road leading to St. Martinville is a mud hole that is impassable, persons coming to the place, must of necessity turn to seek another road to town. This should not be allowed to remain there."

Local news and commentaries on local issues continue to be the focus of The Daily Iberian, still including issues with area roads, news about local residents, local government and more.

The paper underwent many changes over the years, ceased publication several times, became a weekly for various periods and switched locations of its business offices five times, now resting iust a few blocks down Main Street from its initial offices in the Old Opera House downtown that no longer stands.

Early issues were printed alongside handbills and programs for the vaudeville and minstrel shows that made up most of the Opera House fare.

In 2019 the newspaper moved from the location it occupied for 56 years to their current location in downtown historic New Iberia. The structure was originally organized in 1897 by J. Paul Suberbielle and others as the old State Bank of New Iberia. It was later reorganized to become State National Bank. In the 1970s, the building was demolished and replaced with the structure as it stands today. The Main Street location positions The Daily Iberian at the very heart of the community which it serves.

The DAILY IBERIAN & ACADIANA LIFESTYLE are owned by Wick Communications. It's a third-generation family-owned community media company with newspapers, websites, magazines, and specialty publications around the country. 

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Office Hours
Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
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Main Phone/Switchboard
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Mailing Address
The Daily Iberian
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The Daily Iberian
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