Laura Etie

(Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series recognizing some of the best educators who make a difference. Today we feature Laura Etie of Loreauville High School. She an English II teacher)

Q: How long have you been an educator or a staff member within education?

A: I have completed thirty years of teaching.

Q:What positions have you held? For how long?

A: I have taught regular and special education both in the public school and Homebound settings. All of my years have been at the high school level except one. My main subject area is English, but I have had to cover a little of everything.

Q: What is/was your favorite position as an educator?

A: My favorite position as an educator has been as a tenth grade English teacher.

Q: What changes have you noticed from your first year to now?

A: There have been so many changes since my early years, but probably the main changes in education have to do with the lack of flexibility with regard to curriculum and also the incredible increase in standardized testing.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: My future plans are to enter DROP next year and to continue teaching.

Q: What advice would you give to a new teacher or to anyone thinking about entering the world of education?

A: Teaching is extremely rewarding. It is a vocation, a lifestyle. You feel and know in your heart that you are called to teach and follow that mission to help others to find their own unique talents. The biggest reward is getting someone to believe in their own potential. When a child finds their own “voice” in whatever it is they are destined to do, that’s the moment you experience ultimate success. The kids are all different, and they all have something very precious to offer. ALL OF THEM.

Q: What is a moment from your career that you’ll never forget?

A: There are so many unforgettable memories from my career, but one of my favorite is when we took the dance team to St. Jude in Memphis. It was such a heart-warming experience. Not only is St. Jude near and dear to my heart for their extraordinary research and treatment of so many people, but this facility has been home to several families from our own village.