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Dining Profile: Cajun Saucer

Outside of Bayou Teche Brewing, lazy games of cornhole are played while children dance to a Cajun band crooning in the hazy sunlight. All while craft beer is sipped mere feet from where it is brewed. But inside, in the alternate dimension that is Cajun Saucer, a very different scene awaits. Guests are greeted by unexpected Cajun French covers of classic rock songs. Steve Riley belts the lyrics to “Down by the River,” or “Au Long De La Rivière,” over the retro whistles of the adjacent arcade room. The air hangs heavy with the scents of hops, rum and rising dough. The dining room teems with bikers and solo book readers, families and flight sampling friends, aficionados in beer themed T-shirts and seltzer sipping novices. It’s like your inner child and your midlife crisis came to a mutual agreement about where to hang out. 

As you might expect, the story of how a tiki, space-themed food and drink mecca made its way to the middle of the sugar cane fields is a good one. Bayou Teche Brewing has been a mainstay in the Louisiana craft brew scene for 13 years. Until four years ago, it was against Louisiana’s alcohol rules to serve food at breweries. Once the “prohibitive rule,” as owner Karlos Knott puts it, was reinterpreted, the team was ready to create a dining experience that mirrored the standards of the brewery.