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Artist Profile

Janelle Hebert's Work Takes Flight

Recently, on a balmy July day, art fans gathered at NUNU Art and Culture Collective in Arnaudville, a gallery and performing venue, for the opening of a much-anticipated exhibit centered around a wall display of over 900 black origami swallows in flight. The show, titled “A Bird in Hand,” is the latest collection of multi-medium artist Janelle Hebert, demonstrating her sculpting talents with paper, clay, and fabric – all reflecting a lifelong fascination. 

Hebert’s attraction to birds goes back to her childhood in St. Martinville. “My dad would take me riding and he’d identify birds by their shapes and flight patterns,” she recalls. “I remember one day I was at the pool and came upon a bittern (a member of the heron family). When it became startled, it pointed its neck and head straight up and froze. That image stayed with me.”