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Cajun Comfort – Now Nationwide!

There was a time when you set foot outside of the boundaries of the Bayou State, you were in a vast, colorless desert of just sad, sad food. Immediately, you were hit with an envie for all the abundant goodness of your former life. Where are the crawfish? Have a cod patty. Cajun seasoning? We got salt and pepper, maybe try some celery salt? Good strong coffee? Have some see-through percolated stuff, or I can mix you up some instant. Horrors!  

Many a frantic phone call home involved a need for express delivery of a care package to get through life outside of Louisiana. You made a list, and your mother made notes. Of course, then you’d have to wait until she was makin’ groceries, and remembered to hunt down a box big enough to fit all requested items. And then, also remember to pack it up and take it to the post office. It took wayyy too long, and you suffered as you waited without your coffee, your spices, your jambalaya, the comforts of Louisiana life.